An experienced stonemason and building conservator, my passion is producing architectural, ornamental and artistic sculptural works using the traditional craft of stone carving.



I studied masonry, stone carving, letter cutting, drafting, surveying and conservation at the renowned Weymouth College learning the traditional methods and techniques of masonry and historic building conservation in line with SPAB and English Heritage stipulations.

Whilst at Weymouth I won the annual stone carving competition and was consequently invited to join the Worshipful Company of Stonemasons.

After completing my studies I gained practical experience in my role as a building conservator working on the restoration of medieval and Victorian churches, listed buildings, private residences and gardens, monuments and landmarks. This included stone repair and replacement, mortar repairs, structural consolidation, wall building, lime pointing, grouting, mortar analysis and structural surveys.

Latterly, I was a banker mason at one the UK's most prestigious firms producing various pieces of stonework from coping and flooring to complex pieces of tracery, fireplaces, carvings and letter cutting.

Having a longstanding interest in history and architecture I am privileged to have worked on so many outstanding historic buildings, however I relish the opportunity to create unique stone carvings - both contemporary and traditional.

I regularly compete in national and international stone carving competitions and produce bespoke artistic sculptures on commission.